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A Day in the Life of an IBEW Apprentice

Abundant opportunities are available in the electrical industry for those who have the right attitude, work hard and apply the knowledge they have gained through education. To become the best at your craft, one can not count on what you learned solely from on the job training.

The electrical trade is highly technical, physically  demanding and highly rewarding both in wages and in a feeling of self  accomplishment. The electrical industry is constantly changing with advancements  in techniques, products and innovation. Today’s Electrical professionals use  their knowledge, skills and abilities to succeed in this competitive and  challenging career.  The construction inside wireman and tele-data apprenticeship programs are true apprenticeships in every sense of the word.

Our programs consist of two parts:

First, every apprentice is assigned to an  electrical contractor and works 40 hours a week learning the trade on the job,  under the supervision of a foreman and working alongside seasoned journeymen  wiremen or tele-data technicians. You will be paid an excellent wage and receive  benefits while you learn on the job.

The second part  of the program consists of classroom theory from September to June, two nights  per week (Mondays & Wednesday from 6 to 9 pm) at our training center. Along  with classroom study, students also take part in hands-on learning labs,  learning proper procedures for installing and maintaining equipment such as fire  alarm, electric motors, transformers, motor controls, conduit bending, wiring  methods, security, voice data, and more.

After five years  of comprehensive training for inside wireman, or three years for tele-data  technicians, apprentices graduate to journeyman/technician status and enjoy the  many opportunities this industry has to offer.

We want the  best applicants…those with good work ethic, good attitude, a willingness to  learn and a commitment to succeed. If you have those qualities come  apply!!  

4 main steps involved in the selection procedure 
These are Application, Aptitude exam, Interview, and Selection.

Applications are accepted year-round in person or online.  At the time of application you must present a valid drivers license.  
You will have 30 days from the date of application to provide the following:
     ·A High School Diploma or GED certificate
     ·Proof of successful completion of at least one year of Algebra
     ·High School and post-secondary (if applicable) Official transcripts
     ·Proof of residency in York County or Adams County

Aptitude exam:
Upon satisfying all prerequisites, you will be scheduled for an aptitude test.  You will receive a letter specifying the time and date of  the exam.  This test will include sections on reading comprehension and mathematics.  With a qualifying score on the aptitude test, you will then qualify for an oral interview.   
You will receive a letter specifying a time and date for an interview.  Page two of the letter includes a form that must be returned  to verify your intent to attend the interview.  All interviewees are then ranked  with all other applicants.  Everyone will receive a letter informing them of  their position on the list.   

Applicants can stay on the ranking list for a maximum of two years.  We hire, in order, off the list.  Each class generally consists of 8 to 14 apprentices.  However, new hires could start working anytime during the year.  The selection process may take several months so I urge you to be patient.
Applications can be completed at:
                    555 Willow Springs Lane York, PA 17406.
 We will be glad to answer any questions you may still have.  
NJATC Tech Math Course:
This course will satisfy the algebra requirement for applicants.

If you want to learn the electrical trade from the best in a college accredited program at NO cost to you, this is the only place to do it!

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Additional Information
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        Career Changers
        Military Veterans
       Guidance Counselors 

Applicant Information Handbook
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Applicant Hand-Out
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​Electric Prep has partnered with the NJATC to offer voluntary courses to support applicants during the entrance process for the IBEW/NECA apprenticeship training program to provide a better understanding of the electrical construction industry and the requirements.Click on the logo above for more information.

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