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Course log-in

Instructors can log on to NJATC blended learning where they can reach out to students and direct them during their enrollment in their course.


This is an easy online portal where instructors can login to the portal and review students enrolled in their class, collect student information or find out any other information regarding the trades education program.

IBEW Hour Power

IBEW Hour Power is designed to inform and create a sense of community in the IBEW industry, while promoting professionalism and pride in work and accomplishments. On this website, you will find an online video magazine that will highlight the success within IBEW. While working to increase a bond between members, IBEW Hour Power also wants to showcase electricians at work for those who are interested in joining.

Request Form

Instructors can use the request form to put in a request for any materials needed for a class or any certifications that need scheduled. Because this request form can be used for multiple purposes, please be specific and fill out all needed fields in order to get your request.

Time Card Form

Instructors can use the time card form to submit for pay.  Please use this form monthly, or at the end of your course.  Checks will be delivered the week following your submission.  Please complete this form entirely to ensure no delay in receiving your paycheck.  

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