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Training Center Improvements


York Electricians JATC has been busy this past year with training center upgrades.  These upgrades included building upgrades and addition of training aids.  We have updated the lighting throughout the training center with IBEW-Made LED dimmable fixtures and Lutron Vive wireless lighting controls.  These provide reduced energy consumption, higher quality lighting, and improved control functionality.  Two of our labs have been outfitted with nLight fixtures and controls to show an alternate option on the market.  This system is controlled through Cat5 cables and graphic keypad.  It was donated by illuminations/Acuity Brands through cooperation with CapitalTristate.


​We have also added two Fire Alarm Trainers that will allow apprentices to install, wire, and program the various components associated with a Fire Alarm System.  The trainers have been designed to simulate a building with two floors, lobbies, an elevator shaft, and a sprinkler room with tamper and flow switches.  Fire Alarm systems continue to be a key component of any building system and protect all personnel occupying it.  These trainers will help to ensure that our installers are effectively and efficiently installing these systems to help provide worker and patron safety in commercial and industrial buildings.  We have also added a new instructor who is experienced with various complex systems throughout the area to focus exclusively on fire alarm systems.  The courses include a rigorous series of labs that must be completed in order to pass these courses.    


Milwaukee Tools has donated a wide variety of M18 battery power tools and hand tools to help our apprentices learn proper tool care and use while giving them the resources they need to complete the various other hands-on activities throughout the program.  As our program continues to grow, this tool donation will help us maximize our instruction and lab time by allowing every apprentice to have what they need for labs and activities.  We have included space on the display to accommodate the future donations they have promised.  Milwaukee Tools is a Platinum Training Partner with the electrical training ALLIANCE and has a team dedicated to helping JATC programs across the country.  We are very grateful for this partnership and their recognition of the importance of training the new workforce.      

Southwire has donated a MAXIS tugger, MAXISJAX reel stands, simpull wire, MAXIS triggers, and their QWIK rope which will allow our apprentices to practice proper wire pulling procedures.  When used together, this system is pretty amazing.  The remote foot switches allow either end of the wire pull to stop the tugger by simply lifting your foot off the switch.  This improves safety by removing the need to transmit an emergency stop across a radio.  The improved rope and wire also reduce friction and allow for an easier pull and no required lubricant which can put a workers hands close to pinch points.  We have installed parallel 3″ EMT runs to give apprentices hands-on experience in our lab.  


Square D has donated a complete Bussway system that was installed by our apprentices this past spring.  These systems are widely used in industrial settings across the country to provide improved flexibility and maintenance of equipment.  They have donated various buss plugs which will allow our apprentices to gain experience installing and testing properly in a safe deenergized environment.  


To install and access the bussway, we have purchased a brand-new 2017 JLG scissor lift.  This will give us the opportunity to provide lift training as well.  Falls continue to be a leader in accidents among electricians and we will continue to make this and other safety issues a focus of every activity and lab in our training center.       

York Electricians JATC is dedicated to providing the best electrical training in the industry.  These are a few of the most recent improvements we have made to our program and training center.  We have also added new bending equipment, Wi-Fi programmable thermostats for HVAC control, a lighting display to show the differences in color temperature and much more.  We believe that training is the key to the success of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.  We strive to make our workers the safest, most productive, and most professional in the industry.  We will continue to grow and adapt to our ever-changing industry to ensure that we meet that mission.  We encourage anyone seeking access to high quality training to contact us to learn more about what we can offer.  

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