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Electrical Safety NFPA 70E 


On April 4th, York Electricians JATC conducted another NPFA 70E class to update members on the changes to the 2015 Electrical Safety Standards.  Safety is a critical part of any job.  However, in the electrical industry, the hazards are unique.  You cannot see, hear, or smell electricity therefore, safe work practices and habits are critical.  One mistake can be deadly.  Our electricians are trained on the various risks and how to avoid or minimize them.  Our goal is to avoid working on any energized equipment.  However, NFPA 70E identifies a few exceptions where energized work is acceptable with a hot work permit.  These include situations where turning off the power is more dangerous.  An example of this is life-safety systems in hospitals where patients’ lives’ are dependent upon electricity.  Another situation is where testing and troubleshooting are necessary.  Procedures such as voltage reading and checking rotation require an energized circuit.  IBEW electricians are trained on the proper identification of hazards and the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the task.  Regular training helps to keep our workers, contractors, and customers safe.             

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